• Hi Everyone,

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but I can't find anything by searching.

    I would like to set up a site to site VPN. On one end at the main office, everything is "normal". On the other end (satellite office), there is already a NAT router there. I would like to install a pfsense box on the LAN side of this NAT router and set up a site to site VPN to the main office, basically creating an internal private network (which has VPN access to main office) within the current LAN.

    Is this possible using 1.2.3? The NAT router at the office is already running pfSense, if that helps at all.

    I understand that I can do this with OpenVPN very easily, however in 1.2.3 you can't firewall OpenVPN connections which I really need…

    Would the above "just work" as long as "IPSEC Passthrough" is enabled in the orignal NAT router at the satellite office? Would I need to do any port forwarding?

    If this isn't possible with 1.2.3, how stable is 2.0? Could I trust it for production use?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You can filter OpenVPN in 1.2.3, just takes a few extra steps:


  • Thanks jimp :)