IMSpector can't saved MSN 2011 log

  • as title,
    my pfsense version is 1.2.3 Released,

    I've install IMSpector Package version 0.8-9,
    but in recent days,
    I've found that IMSpector 0.8-9 seems like not to saved the msn 2011's log,
    except msn 2011, other msn version log can be saved successfully.

    it seems to have the latest version in can saved the msn 2011's log/
    but can i upgrade IMSpector Version in the pfsense text-mode by self ?

    or other method in this 0.8-9 version can help me saved the msn 2011's log ?
    thanks in advance!!

  • Just wondered if you had gotten anywhere with this as we too are experiencing issues with MSN 2011 and also Mac Messenger 8.0.0

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