Package status?

  • There's a sticky post on the package status, but that doesn't look like it was updated since January 2010, since the spreadsheet it links to doesn't seem to have changed since I last looked at it several months ago. With 2.0 closing in on RC-1 status and hopefully not too much later going GM, I think it might be worth updating what works and what doesn't, at least, as far as it's known.

    Or is there somewhere else where this is being tracked?

  • You can contact cmb if you like to contribute to that. I know that there are problems with avahi and nmap packages on NanoBSD for example…

  • Unbound package is broken as far as I am concerned.

  • You could open a thread about that. The last time I used Unbound it was working fine…

  • i try report little bug in freeradius, its work fine just on reboot not start, ever say another aplication its use the port 18xx so need go to freeradius and change and works again this with 2.0 since released Beta 3

  • @mromero:

    Unbound package is broken as far as I am concerned.

    You dont mention why you consider it is broken - what other problems are you experiencing (besides your other thread on when you upgrade pfSense)?

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