• Is pfSense capable of redirecting outbound web traffic ?  I'd like to use dansguardian/squid as a transparent filtering proxy, but as there's no support for DG within pfSense itself, I guess I'll have to redirect all my outbound traffic through a seperate box to do the filtering, but I can't find any way of achieveing this with the standard pfsense rules.

    Anyone able to educate me ?

    BTW I did search the forum as I think I may have seen something similar to this in the past, but couldn't find the post, so apologies if it's been answered before.



  • I'm not sure it can be done as standard option but you could always use the gateway option on a rule and use another interface to another subnet on which the DG box is located, you can then even have a fallback to the default gateway in case the DG box is down.

  • You can use port forwards for that. Interface LAN, source and dest as desired, target of the proxy server and its port.