• I ran thru the wizard on the 2.0 beta for a Single WAN muli LAN  setup.  I chose to limit the P2P traffic and selected all the check boxes under the "Enable/Disable specific P2P protocols".  I expected to see all of these in the policy after I finished where I could turn them on/off individually but I can't find the specific P2P protocols anywhere in the queues created.  The qP2P queue was created but inside doesn't list anything about the queue.

    Also, when I go to Firewall -> Traffic Shaper -> By Queue
    I see all the queues created.  If I click on qP2P (or any other queue for that matter). It shows me all the interfaces the queue is on.  If I click on the interface it gives me the error "Queue not found".

    Is this a bug with beta somehow or am I missing something?

    Thanks for any help!!

  • All the created rules are settled at "floating" rules.
    What i did (maybe silly), was creating aliases for the specific ports and reduce the amount of rules here. Looks better and is easily to maintain.