N00b multi wan setup

  • after many hours of googling, results is either a 3000$ Multiwan router or pfsense.

    W (internet source  ; dsl , cable, etc)
    LAN ( computers on the respective network)
    WLAN (wireless router)
    WLANB (wireless Bridge / dd-wrt ) wrt54gl  bridge-client mode

    remember I'm not a network pro .. just have an imagination

    anything i should know or watch out for or is this even possible?

  • I've taken your diagram to means that you have up to 5 PCs on the one site sharing (and load balancing) up to 8 wireless connections, each to its own wired connection to the internet. Is that what you meant? If not, please explain.

  • exactly.

    my main concern is that I can only get to the network via a wireless bridge.

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