Limiting P2P without hurting browsing, Netflix or Pandora

  • My client would like to limit p2p traffic on their network (a public wifi access point) but when I set up traffic shaping it also cut down traffic that is definitely legal and OK'd by ownership (Pandora and Netflix as discovered in testing) but also I noticed that web surfing was much slower - not in speed as downloads could still peg out over 1MB/sec but in simple response time. Is this due to the traffic shaping feature in pfSense? Is there a configuration that will limit p2p but not hurt Netflix or Pandora? I've read about possibly taking those IP blocks for the two services and opening them up but I am not sure precisely how to do this.

    I am a new user of pfSense but not new to networking. I'd feel more comfortable making changes over SSH than through the web terminal simply out of habit.

    Any help I can get on this will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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