Redirect DNS requests on LAN

  • I am running Version 1.2.3 and I need to forward DNS requests (port 53) to a my pfsense box from inside my LAN. I have access points on my lan that are running coovachilli. The access points are hard coded to use open DNS. Changing the DNS in the access points isn't an option because every time we did an upgrade or global change to the network it would overwrite the changes and I would have to change them all again and there are almost a hundred of them.  Everything works fine when the access points are deployed "in the wild" ie: off of my LAN but if they are inside my LAN the DNS will not resolve correctly. I have the DNS forwarder enabled and the entire domain overridden as well as a LAN firewall rule forwarding traffic from any source, any port, to my pfsense box and port 53 as the destination. Is there a way to force all DNS requests on my LAN to be processed by my pfsense box regardless of the DNS settings on the client device?
    Thanks for your help

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    General setup-> Allow DNS server to be overridden by DHCP/PPP opn wan is unchecked??

  • Yes, it is unchecked.

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