Interfaces, two Static IPs, and NAT

  • Static IP#1: –> FreeBSD pfSense Server
    Static IP#2: –> Linux Server

    ISP requires MacID of devices being assigned a static IP. The first one is easy – it's the MacID to fxp0. The second one, would the MacID be for em0 or eth0, or would it still be fxp0?

    What do I do or how to I go about adding this under NAT 1:1? What values would I need to enter in?

    EDIT: I realize the alternative could be putting a switch behind the modem, and connecting both "WAN" ports to the switch. I just want to know how it could be done through NAT 1:1.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you hardcode your IPs as static, you could add a CARP type VIP on WAN, that will have a unique MAC address that your cable provider could use.

    Though if you need two IPs both obtained via DHCP, that is a bit trickier and you may end up having to do as you say and plug two interfaces into a switch. Not ideal, but IIRC that has worked for others.

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