• For an internal host. (run of the mill Windows 7 pc. Static IP (Same setup as 4 others.)

    Every other internal host show the correct IP.

    This particular host, is one we are monitoring for inappropriate usage. Odd thing is that the IP did show properly a few weeks ago.

    Two icons show next to it. A NIC Card, and a yellow flag.

    BTW running 1.2.3

    Any ideas?


  • Hello,

    Three months later… but i didn't find any other post about that.

    I have exactly the same problem monitoring about 130 hosts, running pfsense 1.2.3
    Some of them are displaying as their IP address on the board.

    But if you click to access the info panel, you can see their actual unicast address, so it's not really a problem.
    If you're bored to see those, you can try to reset the stats and it will show you correct IP instead.

    But it doesn't solve the problem anyway, so if anyone has any idea he's welcome.

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