How to measure CPU performance?

  • Hello,

    I know this is really a general freebsd question. But why not post on this forum .. Looked a bit on google but did not really find what I was looking for.

    Why do I need to know this can be read in this thread,31183.0.html

    Briefly, I need to know which of the different virtualization solutions that deliver the best performance. The idea was simply to set each solution separately and then test the CPU performance.

    Like SuperPi for windows had been perfect (measuring how fast the processor is capable of counting the number of decimals for PI, lower time equals better performance). Like:

    "test_cpu - you got a score of 500p" woho :)

    Also, I know that the virtualization solution that works the best would be vmware ESXi but I do need VGA output from a windows desk I will use VirtualBox/vmware server etc. etc. there are like thousand of them :)

    Simply need to see a clear result when it is not enough to start running a heavy torrent and look at cpu usage in the WebUI as it can vary greatly.

    That said, a general FreeBSD issue that has nothing to do with pfSense, but anyone who has any tips? Program? Command?

    Preferably a step by step guide if that so, because I do not have any knowledge at all outside the WebUI :)


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