• Hi,
    I'm having a little play with 2.0-BETA5 and my 3G USB modem (huawei E1762). Setting it up and getting it working couldn't have been much easier, unless PPP0 was an eligible WAN interface option during install/setup ;)

    Anyway for the record the RRD graph on the cellular tab does not work. I had a bit of a look into the issue and found that in the script /var/db/rrd/updaterrd.sh under the "# polling 3G." section, the script returns the command:
    3gstat -s -d /dev/ugen0.2

    which in turn returns "3gstat: error reading from device: No such file or directory". I had a look at 3gstat.c but I didn't really understand what it was doing (I'm not a programmer).

    However searching the net it would appear that the way to query this modem was via an AT command on either of the device entries /dev/cuaU0.0 or /dev/cuaU0.1. For instance, I can while a PPP session is active on /dev/cuaU0.0 run cu -l /dev/cuaU0.1 and connect to the modem then "AT+CSQ" and get a response like "+CSQ: 11,99". See table below.

    So I'm curious what 3gstat tries to do and why the updaterrd.sh script wants to do it on /dev/ugen0.2 and not one of the modems devices /dev/cuaU0.0 or /dev/cuaU0.1.


    Signal dBm equivalent from www.zimbio.com/New+Mobile+Phones/articles/UjumaKIobfk/How+Measure+Improve+Mobile+Broadband+Reception
    0 < -113 dBm (Marginal)
    1 -111 dBm (Marginal)
    2 -109 dBm (Marginal)
    3 -107 dBm (Marginal)
    4 -105 dBm (Marginal)
    5 -103 dBm (Marginal)
    6 -101 dBm (Marginal)
    7 -99 dBm (Marginal)
    8 -97 dBm (Marginal)
    9 -95 dBm (Marginal)
    10 -93 dBm (Workable under most conditions)
    11 -91 dBm (Workable under most conditions)
    12 -89 dBm (Workable under most conditions)
    13 -87 dBm (Workable under most conditions)
    14 -85 dBm (Workable under most conditions)
    15 -83 dBm (Good)
    16 -81 dBm (Good)
    17 -79 dBm (Good)
    18 -77 dBm (Good)
    19 -75 dBm (Good)
    20 -73 dBm (Excellent)
    21 -71 dBm (Excellent)
    22 -69 dBm (Excellent)
    23 -67 dBm (Excellent)
    24 -65 dBm (Excellent)
    25 -63 dBm (Excellent)
    26 -61 dBm (Excellent)
    27 -59 dBm (Excellent)
    28 -57 dBm (Excellent)
    29 -55 dBm (Excellent)
    30 -53 dBm (Excellent)
    31 > -51 dBm (Excellent)