Bulk upload of Mac addresses for DHCP?

  • We have a list of people's computer (laptops, phones, etc.) MAC addresses. They get "registered" and stickered first before they are able to use it inside the premises.

    I want to upload it to pfSense's DHCP Service, so Unknown MACs will be refused to get IP's. Perhaps I can also link it to Active Directory sometime.

    I can do that 1 by 1 in WebGUI, but there are about 300+ MACs to encode.

    Is there a file somewhere where I can edit directly?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Add an example address or two, then download a config backup from Diagnostics > Backup/Restore.

    Edit that config.xml file and you'll see where they go and what format they need to be in, and then you can script something (perl, php, some other macro language) to put in your list in the proper format.

    When you're done, restore the backup and it should have all the entries.

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