Squid + Load Balancing PFSense 2.0 Hardware Recommendations

  • hi, im just new here but not on PF, right now i deploy my PF 2.0 under virtual machine, but my problem is that my RIG was a lot of POWER Hungry devices
    so im looking for a Cheapest Solution (low power) that i will put pf on stand alone

    what i have not is :
    2 pcs 120 gb 2.5" HDD
    2 pcs 1 gb ddr2 667 SODIMM

    i want to use my present item stated above to save money. my main purpose is Squid (for web  caching) and Load Balance of 2 DSL lines.

    i found alix but upon reading, it is not reccomended for using squid, i also found ITX board but if im lucky, are there any ITX board that uses SODIMM's?

    and also, what whould be the best option for me? because im needing 3 NIC's for 2 wan and 1 LAN connection.

    thanks for your advice