Making a package turn op on Diagnostics: Package logs

  • hello,

    iam trying to get the freeradius package to show on the Diagnostics: Package logs
    i have started freeradius with
    radiusd -sxxyz > /var/log/freeradius.log &

    to config.xml i have added the logcommands to the freeradius part

    			<descr>A free implementation of the RADIUS protocol.</descr>

    but on Diagnostics: Package logs i still get:
    No packages with logging facilities are currently installed.

    do i need more to get this to work ?

  • Are you making a new freeradius package or is this based on something available in CVS.

    If it is not yet done I would like to merge the outstanding changes.

  • this is the package that you can install from pfsense
    i have maked it stop and then start with the logging options

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