[SOLVED] Routing from LAN to OpenVPN

  • Hello,

    I set up a OpenVPN Server and gives the client fixed IPs. On Firewall - LAN I have a rule that allows all Traffic to the VPN IPs. From VPN only Ping is allowed to one Client to test the connection. I can ping from VPN to this one client, but no client can ping the vpn client. From the Firewall it is possible to ping both sides. The local Network in the OpenVPN Server is the DMZ Range. Could this be the problem?



  • Is the OpenVPN server also the default gateway for the network? If not did you push a static route to the LAN router?

  • The Firewall is the default Gateway for the LAN and also the OpenVPN Server. The Firewall run on the latest pfSense 2. The lan has, The Firewall The VPN Server has as net Local Net is the DMZ with In Firewall under LAN is a rule: Source LAN net, Destination, Protocol any.

    Under Routing I can only choose the Router as Gateway in a DropDown List, not the Firewall.

  • Found the Problem :) In the OpenVPN Servers ettings under Advanced I added push "route". Now teh VPN Client can route correctly.

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