Reboot pfsense (nanobsd) every 24 hours automatically

  • Hi @ all,

    i've installed pfsense with an embedded alix-board (cf) using it as captive portal and squid-proxy.
    Unfortunately the functionality (proxy, traffic-forwarding) hang up on a regular basis between about 8 to 10 days :(. The system itself is alive, the webinterface is reachable.
    until now i did not find the issue causing the problem, so i'm doing a hard reboot of the whole box with the webinterface.

    Is there a way to reboot the box on a regular basis (every 24h on a given time). On a "normal" linux-system i'd add a line to the crontab to execute the reboot, but on pfsense nanobsd the systemfiles are reloaded during the bootup :(.

    Hope somebody knows a resiliant and easy to implement way …

    Anyway, thanks for your audience :)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If it hangs that often, you may have a hardware issue or some other problem. That isn't normal.

    If you insist on rebooting, install the Cron package and manage the cron job there.

  • Do you happen to be running Realtek nics?  I was having this same problem and it magically went away when I replaced the nics with intel ones.

  • We have an ALIX board causing problems. It's going back for warranty repair :)

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