Question about pfctl command

  • Hello everybody..
    What  can I see traffic assiociated to some anchors?
    I can view all my anchors by typing in command line 'pfctl -s Anchors'
    I have seen manual pages for pfctl but I can't understand this very well

    -s Anchors    Show the currently loaded anchors directly at-
                                tached to the main ruleset.  If -a anchor is spec-
                                ified as well, the anchors loaded directly below
                                the given anchor are shown instead.

    If I understand correctly it should work for typing 'pfctl -s Anchors -a my_anchor' but it does not.

    Any suggestions?


  • pfctl -aminiupnpd -sn
    pfctl -aminiupnpd -sr

  • hmmm
    this give me nothing …
    As I understand each queue has a anchor... I'd like to display traffic currently attached to the queue...
    I mean source IP dest IP and using ports...

    thanks for any suggestions.

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