MBUF Usage

  • I got 256MB ram on this box

    I don't have anything loading at the moment…  is the below normal?

    MBUF Usage 1573 /1800

  • Seems high to me but it would depend on the number and type of your interfaces (gigabit interfaces probably have larger receive buffer rings and hence preallocate more mbufs for received frames than 10/100 interfaces).

    My 2.0 snapshot system with interfaces vr0, rl0, ral0, run0 and 256MB memory and an uptime of between 4 and 5 days shows mbuf usage of 176 /525. It show mbuf usage of 170 /390 after uptime of 15 hours.

    I suggest you watch mbuf usage from reboot and at (say) 12 hour intervals.

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