• This isn't strictly a bug, but a potentially serious usability issue:

    For the sake of testing installation/deinstallation and upgrading of packages, I installed just about every available package for the amd64 platform, with the exceptions of AutoConfigBackup (requires subscription), FreeSwitch (I installed the newer FreeSwitch Dev package), OpenVM Tools (I'm not on a virtualized machine) and squid3 (have the regular, stable squid release package installed).

    I'll likely de-install what I'm likely not going to use, BUT: on a 15" MacBook Pro and Safari, I can only access in the pfSense "Services" drop-down menu the items from AntiVirus to Snort, everything thereafter is lower than the maximized Safari window lets me access due to the limit of vertical screen resolution.
    While I can scroll the window's content, that doesn't affect the theme's menu bar and drop down menu, so the only way I can access all items is to use my 27" iMac to access the pfSense web interface.

    On a travel laptop, like a little netbook or a MacBook Air 11", that issue would be even  more pronounced.

    Any plans on dealing with this issue, or should I just switch to a different theme?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    We always recommend switching to the "pfsense" theme on low-resolution devices or in cases where you the menus don't work as expected. It has a static menu tree on the side instead of drop-down menus.

  • I notice that on the iPad it automatically selects that theme ("pfsense"). Does it just do that because it recognizes the device, or is the display resolution queried, and based on that the theme chosen?

    If it's the latter, it would seem that calculation would have to be updated to be dynamic, based on the actual vertical size of the drop-down menus.

    Still, it's a shame: the default theme is really great. So I hope either the drop down menus can be made scrollable, or they can detect the display height and adjust to have more than one column if everything can't fit otherwise.

    Obviously, not a top priority issue, but it would be a nice touch.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It detects the browser string for iPad, iPhone, and Android and switches automatically.