New update behavior?

  • Last I played around with pfSense, about 9 months ago, each time a new system upgrade was installed, it would deinstall and reinstall each single optional package when I logged in the first time after an upgrade. This was rather tedious and time consuming, and updates thus took for ages.

    Now, I've been through two updates, and it just seems to download the new system in the background, then install it within a short time, reboot, and things are done. Often I'm not even asked to log-in again, because it seems the old session status is maintained through the reboot, and the session isn't expired yet.
    All packages (as far as I configured them and use them) remain active, and there is no visible sign of everything being downloaded and installed again.

    Is this a new, more efficient behavior, or is something broken and the updates don't happen as they should?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The packages are fully reinstalled during reboot from the console to make it easier, so it doesn't depend on someone hitting the GUI to activate packages post-upgrade.

  • Great! Are the package downloads cached, I assume, because otherwise I don't know how it could reinstall them that fast…

    In any case, one more of the minor annoyances about how pfSense operates eliminated :)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If it needs binary files it wouldn't cache those.

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