• Hi
    I have a problem getting a routede Public IP unchanged through to OPT1.
    I have 1 Public IP (x.y.z.176/30) with x.y.z.178 as public IP and x.y.z.177 as gateway.
    I have 4 Public IPs routede through the above (x.y.z.196-x.y.z.199) - all usable.

    x.y.z.178 is NATed to 192.168.2.x on LAN
    x.y.z.196 is NATed to 192.168.0.x on OPT2
    Both works fine. (I'm using AON in Outbound NAT)

    I need x.y.z.197 (or 198, 199 dosn't matter) routede unchanged to OPT1.
    I have to connect OPT1 to a router that is preconfigured, with VPN.
    It is essential that no NAT og firewalling is done, as the VPN then fails.
    I have tried Bridging, No-Nat, different firewall rules - but I can't seem to
    find the right combination.

    Hope someone can help.

  • First thought:  if you can work with your upstream provider a little, have them route the whole .196/30 out their .177 interface, rather than specifically to your .178 host - then bridge WAN and OPT1 to talk to the .197 host (which itself will need to use .177 as it's gateway, which requires a route to .176/30 for it to do so).  I'd guess use ProxyARP for your current .196 NAT setup.

    Second thought:  could you setup a private ip pair on OPT1 between your pfsense and this vpn box, so the vpn box has 2 addrs (private and .197)?  If so, just static route your .197 addr to the private addr.  Not ideal, but…

    pfSense doesn't support unnumbered interfaces, does it?

  • Thanks for your input - none of it works though :-(

    1. our ISP will not route out of the single interface (they did before - but will not do it anymore: trust me, I tried VERY hard to get them to do it)

    2. I tried this to - we had good connection to the internal router - but the VPN connection kept breaking down.
      We tried for almost 6 hours - with the same result.

    I'm still hoping for a good idea.

  • @fbn:

    I'm still hoping for a good idea.

    How about:  terminate your vpn's on the pfsense box.    :P

  • I have to use the VPN Router from our provider - so I can't move the VPN over to PFSense :-(