• Hi all,

    Has anyone already setup a four nodes cluster ?
    In a situation where I have two physical location, connected at layer 2 with redundant path, I am planning to install two nodes on each site in order to have full redundancy.
    Is this supported ?

    I mean, if I configure the second node to replicate its settings to the third one and the third one to the fourth, will the carp interface have a priority higher than 100 on the third and fourth ?


  • This is interesting,

    I've never heard of a replicated firewall installation across different locations before

    Wouldn't there be some settings that would need to be different? Why would the states need to be shares over multiple sites?

  • It is a highly critical datacenter (healthcare systems with critical patients at the other end of the wire) splitted on two sites (10 minutes by car)

    Two sites but one network, I have full layer 2 continuity between the sites, over two physical path.
    Sites are in active/active mode :

    • same network
    • servers (physical or vsphere VM) are in active/active or active/passive failover
    • SANs (mostly VMware datastores) are replicated with on-the-fly failover(datacore) over 8gb/s fiberchannel links (two fabrics per site, two physical path)

    Internet and mpls access are provided through optic fiber with layer 2 continuity/failover (plus copper backup) between the sites. Internet peering is also secured with BGP failover over another ISP (copper + fiber).

    At this moment I have only one firewall per site, I'm thinking of how to have two firewall per site.