LiveCD not working

  • Ok so I'm a newb when it comes to Linux and pfSense, and all that nerdy stuff, so bear with me for a just a minute.

    Earlier today I tried to burn the pfSense-1.2.3-RELEASE-LiveCD-Installer.iso.gz (NCSA mirror: to a cd-r using PowerISO; note that I did use 7-zip to extract the file before I burned the .iso. The burn appeared to be successful, but upon restarting and running the CD, nothing happened. It displayed some kind of worthless error message like "Disk not found. Please restart your computer or insert boot disk". It wasn't in those exact words but something similar.

    I did go into my BIOS and set the boot priority to my external usb dvd drive as 1st boot, and I also disabled "boot booster" and quick boot, so I don't see how the BIOS settings would be an issue.

    So did I do something wrong in the burning process?


  • You likely burned the file to the disc instead of burning the image to the disc. It's a common mistake. Google "how to burn an iso"…..

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