• Hello,

    i have the following setup here:

    vlan 171 (pc)
    vlan 311 (server)

    DHCP and internet works perfectly on the pc vlan, but i cant reach the servers on the server vlan(311)
    on the router can i ping all servers, and from the pc vlan don't

    I've make a firewall rule * * * * on the pc and server vlan but it makes no difference.

    i use 2.0 beta

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Are devices in both subnets using the pfSense router as their gateway?

    Are they really in separate subnets (meaning their subnet masks don't make them overlap)

  • I'm asking the same thing as jimp. Can you be more specifik over your IP setup?

    Run traceroute from your PC to your Server and tell us the result.

  • we have different subnets

    like gateway: gateway: gateway: gateway:

    the gateway ips are the vlan interface ip's on the pfsense router.