• Hi Everyone,

    I am not sure what the issue is since there are no real outputs but when I try to setup SIProxd and do a save none of the values are retained. I come back and none of the values are there.

    What could be causing the issues and where can I look to find the logs related to this?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you do a backup of your config.xml file and look inside, what does the packages section look like? Are the siproxd settings there? Are there multiple copies? Any empty "<config>" tags?</config>

  • I see a <config>What does that mean?

    Config should start and finish like this:  <config>content …blah blah</config>   right?

    what is the <config>mean?


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    The <config>is an empty config tag that for some reason on 1.2.3 pops up and once it does you can't save settings inside of that package until it's manually removed from the config (edit it out and restore that backup).

    It doesn't seem to happen on 2.0 at all, but for some reason it happens on 1.2.3 at odd times. It should be OK once you fix the tag.</config>

  • So, here is what I have:

    <description>Main OpenVPN</description>


    Just to be safe, I should only remove <siproxdsettings>and <config>line and then then restore this right?
    Router is not local to me so I don't want to loose connection. Do, I need to restart up restore of backup?


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    Only remove