Fatal trap 12 error after configuring an OPT1 wireless device.

  • Hi folks,

    So, I have an ASUS 2G surf, and I'm trying to configure Pfsense 2.0 on it.  The reason I am using the 2.0 beta is because I need the RTL8187 drivers.  So, I have three network interfaces: an onboard ethernet adapter, internal Atheros based wireless adapter, and the grand daddy ALFA Awus036H adapter.  When I boot, I select the ethernet adapter as my LAN since I don't know how to configure the Atheros adapter as a wireless AP yet, and the ALFA as the WLAN interface.  Everything works and I'm able to connect to the webconfigurator via a cross over cable.  I add the Atheros adapter as an OPT1 interface through the browser.  I then start to configure it.

    I take all the defaults except the channel (I am using channel 11), the mode (I use Adhoc), and the SSID.  When I save, it completes the operation.  When I apply the changes for the demons to re-bootstrap the driver with the new config, I get a kernel dump.  The system reboots and I get Fatal trap 12 error every time.  The odd thing is, the system will only boot fine if I disable the onboard ethernet LAN adapter through the BIOS (this was discovered after a few attempts at different combination).  Hmmm…that's strange.  Why not the Atheros adapter?  Since, that is the adapter that seemed to cause the crash.

    Anyways, i'm pretty sure I screwed up the config and the boot process is confused.  I'm going to try and setup the Atheros adapter as the AP through the terminal.  Any other suggestions?

  • I see a similar problem was reported last year:


    It's odd that I can't reply to it.  Does anyone know how to configure ATH0 as a wireless access point manually?  For some reason, I can't ifconfig list caps the network interface from the shell.

  • Ok, finally got it to apply changes through the webconfigurator and restart the tcp daemons.  Apparently, either the Atheros driver doesn't like or support ADHOC networks.  If I select Access Point instead, it saves and applies fine.  I can see the new SSID from my other laptop.  I can also select the channels (CH.11), 802.11g only, static IP info, and intra-BSS without it crashing the kernel.

    Now, I just have to figure out why I'm not able to connect to the SSID and lease an IP address.  Hmmm… btw, this is all being done on an ASUS 2G surf EEE PC for anyone that tries this out on one in the future.

  • Alright, finally got the AP to work!  It was conflicting with another SSID with the same name on my network.  Which is really bizarre since I took that adapter out of peer to peer mode.  I don't know how it was still broadcasting the old SSID.  Freaking WINDOZE!

    Everything is now operational!  Awesome!  And, I'm so glad there are no sleep/hibernate interrupt requests made when I close the laptop screen!  Although, it would be nice if I could shutoff the screen somehow.