Weird network behavior with three network interfaces

  • So, when I have three interfaces initially configured (LAN, WAN, and OPT1), I can't ping from my laptop to the pfSense box.  The netstat routing table has incorrect routing info.  If I drop OPT1, everything works and I can access the webConfigurator.  I can then add OPT1 through Assign interfaces and then everything still works, i.e. netstat routing table is correct.  Does anyone know why pfSense does this?  It's a bit bizarre.

  • Now it looks like pfSense does not like my three interfaces.  If I set the internal wireless (ath0) to LAN, instead of the ethernet adapter, and the ethernet adapter to OPT1, I cannot get correct routing to opt1 port.  What gives?

  • why not bridge your wireless and lan interfaces instead of setting up routing between subnets?

  • @mililani:

    The netstat routing table has incorrect routing info.

    On what? How is in incorrect?

  • Ok, I have finally figured it all out.  Access point is working, and so are all three interfaces!  Whew!  However, this is still an issue:

    For some reason, after I reboot, the channel that I want the wireless AP to broadcast isn't accepted.  I have to save and apply the changes to restart the daemons to see the changes affected to the adapter.  I'm also using an Atheros chipset in the 2g surf.  Hmmm…coincidence?

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