New ISP modem and new WAN IP address but pfSense doesn't update

  • Prior to replacing my ISP cable modem, my pfSense WAN was setup with DHCP and successfully retrieved the WAN IP address.
    After replacing the ISP cable modem (which issues a new IP address for that cable modem, as per TWC), I logged in to pfSense and the WAN interface settings.

    I selected the 'release' and 'renew' option but it did release the old WAN IP address. I retrieved the IP address by plugging directly in to the cable modem with my laptop to verify but pfSense would not release the old address and accept the new.

    I restarted the modem and pfsense, changed to static address with the new IP address and reset back to DHCP with no luck.

    How is this effecting network performance?  I can still get from the LAN to the internet but can not VPN to the DNS address or IP.

    I would appreciate any information to resolve this issue and have the pfSense WAN interface accept the new ISP IP address.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Additional notes - pfSense is a virtual instance running on VMWare ESXi 4.1.0.
    pfSense 1.2.3 (FreeBSD)

  • Turns out with my old cable modem from Road Runner (ISP), each modem mac address would continue to fetch the same IP address.

    With a new modem it fetches an IP address based on the mac address of the device attached to the cable modem.
    Using the Settings > WAN interface an alternate MAC address in this setting will pull down a new IP address from the ISP.

    Once again pfSense is doing its job without issue.

    Hope this helps anyone as easily confused as I.

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