PPPoE with Static IP

  • Hi guys

    I've recently switch ISP from Nildram to BT in the UK and have been allocated a series of 5 IP addresses that I'd like to assign to pfSense.
    So far I've tried a couple of approaches as follows:

    1. I set the modem into bridge mode and enabled PPPoE together with Virtual IPs to allow inbound traffic. This works perfectly, except for one problem: the WAN connection uses a DHCP address assigned by BT, so our outgoing traffic uses this address, which is a problem as some of our email gets marked as spam.

    2. Setting the modem back to routed mode, I found that there's no way (with pfSense 1.2) to assign aliases to the WAN, meaning that our outgoing traffic goes via a static IP in our assigned block, but I cannot route traffic IN, which is a bit of a problem.

    Having thought about this, I think that a potential solution would be to set up (1) again and use the firewall Rules to route all traffic via a static Virtual IP - although I do not know if this is possible.

    Another option is to upgrade to 2.0, although I'm a little uncomfortable about using the beta.

    Do you have any advice on this? Is my option of routing outbound traffic via a Virtual IP do-able?

    Thanks in advance!

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