Vlan internet access problem

  • Hi, today I installed to pfsense 1.2.3 for trying. Server have two Ethernet ports.

    First port : wan
    I use the other as a lan. I define a vlan on my lan.

    Pfsense server ip:

    WAN: 212 ..*
    Lan: 192.168.5 .*
    VLAN: 192.168.4 .*

    Rules for VLAN define a part of the same Rule in Lan.

    Lan IP of a computer on the network (eg I use do not have any problem accessing the internal network and the Internet. But if I use VLAN IP ( can not get off the internet with other PCs on the network can not get the ping, but only pfsense ( pinging and i can enter the web interface.

    Lan rule same with vlan rule. who can help me ?

    Thank you.

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