Will this server be enough?

  • 1 4mb\768 wireless
    1 4mb\384 wireless
    1 8mb\1 wired

    doing basic firewall and routing torrents, newsgroups, and web browsing for 5-10 people

    dual pent 2 400mhz
    320 mb ram

  • I would say it should do the job. Try to get some good nics and you should be fine (just a feeling though).

  • It will depend a fair bit on the torrent traffic - I'm running a 500MHz K6-2, 256MB RAM on an 8MB connection, and it does struggle sometimes when BT is abusing the connection.

    Needs an upgrade when I can find some bits to do it with

  • There is only one way to find out. Test it and let us know how it performs.

  • Beware that it's probably not pf falling apart, rather the upstream modems and routers.

    Note that most current modem hardware will already fall apart at about 50-100 concurrent streams if you push it.

    The real issue being the severe lack of real ram and real CPU in the tiny boxes for proper buffering and connection tracking. If you have control over your upstream modem/router, bridged mode without firewalling and without NAT works best.

  • Upstream for BT is set at max 80% of the upstream b/w, and is throttled back to 50% when I'm not at work at actually want to use the net.
    The modem is set to be as transparent as possible, leaving pfsense to do the routing and traffic shaping.

    I still think I'll need to upgrade the box (CPU, RAM and HDD capacity) when my connection gets bumped up to 16Mb, but we shall have to see how the modem copes as well

  • that said, a p2 400 with 320 MB ram should easily handle about ~100 users or so and ~100mbit.
    I'm guessing here, but if you use proper nics and a 440bx chipset this should be easy.

    With good nics I am referring to 100Mbit Intel or 3Com nics or for gigabit Intel nics.

  • I'm using generic Realtek NICs, so I think looking at some Intel ones will be the next step then

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