Current state of T1/E1/DS1 PCI card support?

  • Hello all,

    I'm looking at moving our company away from Adtran router units to pfSense boxes with Sangoma cards or some other form of PCI T1/E1 card.  We have 35+ locations with T1s from a single ISP.  The T1s are handed off to us at the smartjack (for reasons I'm not currently aware of) and we are providing our own conversion to Ethernet with ~$600 Adtran routers.

    For roughly the same price I can do a Soekris + Sangoma + pfSense and have a FAR more functional device (multiple ethernet ports, for one; the Adtran only has a single port).

    What's the current state of T1 card support, and can I expect it to be carried forward in 2.0 when it hits final?  I searched around the forum and didn't find many hits at all, and the pfSense main site isn't too helpful either.

  • No current support and no plans for support at this time.

  • Something like this help you out?