• Since 2 days now updating results in weird things:

    Proxy-Filter disappears from menu, squid won't start (due to missing proxy-filter), unbound doesn't work and when trying to open the corresponding service-pages result in "missing package blah" (short version).
    My solution is reinstalling all packages manually via


    After reinstalling packages all works as expected.
    Actually i have 2.0-BETA5 (i386) built on Wed Jan 12 18:38:12 EST 2011, full install.

    By the way, sometimes packages get reinstalled automagically, mostly not. What is the expected behaviour here? Should it go auto or not?
    This is quiet the question… :-)

  • same happened here. updated to todays snap, and NUT disappeared. reinstalled it and its back to normal after a reboot.

  • updated to

    2.0-BETA5 (i386)
    built on Thu Jan 13 02:45:05 EST 2011

    and ALL of my packages are gone.

    Config files as well.

    oh great.

  • It seems to be selective, snot disappears on an auto update but pfflowd, OpenBGPD and dns-server survive the upgrade.

  • To me happened that the respective packages which seemed to have survived, didn't. When trying to go to the respective service-pages i saw the packages were dead. I got "not found" messages, 404-errors and so on. So i decided to reinstall every package.
    But at the moment it seems to be as if that behaviour is not completely, but mostly gone. I'll stay tuned.

  • It never worked reliable here on NanoBSD. I have six packages installed and the most that got reinstalled were five. I always have to do some manual fixing…

    Bummer :(

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate


    It seems to be selective, snot disappears on an auto update but pfflowd, OpenBGPD and dns-server survive the upgrade.

    Nice Freudian slip there. Seems accurate sometimes though. :-)

    For the ones that fail it would be nice to know exactly what prints on the console when this happens.

    It sounds like when it does work it seems to be skipping one package for everyone, so perhaps there is an off-by-one error somewhere or some other issue.

  • I auto-upgraded from Beta4 to Beta5 today on an i386/FreeBSD platform.

    I lost my default gateway for the WAN port.  Everything else, IPSEC-VPN and PPTP-VPN definitions all stayed put.  Just lost the default gateway.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If it was an early beta4 that is expected. You just need to edit/save gateways and they're OK again. That was quite a while ago though.