Honoring 802.1p tags?

  • Hi,

    at a customer we're using 2 pfSense 1.2.3-Release boxes in fail-over, to NAT 100 mbit internet and route between the VOIP-VLAN and the normal LAN.

    A potential new VOIP-provider has asked us if our switches and routers support Class of Service. For now I've made the assumption they meant 802.1p, and started digging into the pfSense book, the forums, Google etc.

    Everything and everyone is referring to 'the shaper', that it doesn't support OPT-interfaces in the GUI etc etc, but that's al presuming I want to actually shape stuff myself. I don't, I just want to honor existing tags, dumb, just like my switches do…

    My question is, will pfSense 1.2.3 honor existing tags already present in the packets?

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