Around the time of the podcast crash?!

  • So I have had a beta1 build running on my firewall for the last 8 months never a reboot, or failure rock solid.

    today my IDS goes nuts and web sites are failing I log into things to find that the firewall isnt logging any more to a syslog …ok

    log into the firewall and all hell has broken loose, there is chaos everywhere rather then fight the problem..knowing I have a old build I pull the CFlash and go to download a new build.. to find out that the servers are SLAMMED ...then read a tweet about pfsense getting on (btw congrats on that) havent listened to for a while so i will have to check out that episode so waiting about 2 hours for a 100mb download I boot the firewall back up

    it appears that my firewall was attacked around the time of the podcast recording in EST the logs were wiped ?! rather then messing around I went to check my servers.. all appears well. it looks like the firewall took the hit and died so nothing got further.

    just wondering if this was a local thing or others seen similar behavior.

    it tweaked me out even more when I tried to visit a few sites I regular and they were "down for repairs" little touchy still after that dec25th hacking day.

    trying to ease my mind that the source vault is safe and that the mirror site is not tampered...

  • I find it hard to believe that an attack brought down your firewall…  Are you sure that your CFlash card or some other hardware is not failing?

    I always keep a copy of 1.2.3 and the backup of my config on disk here in case of hardware failure, just to get me back up. Then the update to 2.0 can happen as a firmware update after we're connected.

  • yea I now suspect that the CF was exactly the failure had issues writing the beta5 to it chucked it and got a new one.. this thread can be killed :)