WAN DHCP Client Option 125 Vendor-Specific Information

  • Need to send DHCP Client Option 125 Vendor-Specific Information to DHCP server when obtaining WAN interface IP address.  Can this be configured through the web interface?  If not how about manually in a system config file somewhere?

    Example from OpenBSD dhclient.conf:
    option V-I-Vendor-Specific-Information code 125 = string;
     send V-I-Vendor-Specific-Information "\x00\x00\x0d\xe9\x1f\x01\x06000FB3\x02\x0c001801ABCDEF\x03\x07MI424WR";

    #send DHCP-Parameter-Request-List 1,28,2,3,15,6,4,7,23,26,43,50,51,54,55,60,61,72,125;
    request Subnet-Mask, Broadcast-Address, Time-Offset, Routers, Domain-Name, Domain-Name-Servers, Time-Servers, Log-Servers, Default-IP-TTL, Interface-MTU, Vendor-Encapsulated-Options, DHCP-Requested-Address, DHCP-Lease-Time, DHCP-Server-Identifier, DHCP-Parameter-Request-List, Vendor-Class-identifier, DHCP-Client-Identifier, WWW-Server, V-I-Vendor-Specific-Information;

    Wireshark Comparison Traces:

    Others requesting this too, and some additional info:

    But the only thing I can find in pfSense is for configuring LAN DHCP server options.


  • You need to modify the source for this.
    It is not present for the moment to do such things.