Starting pfsense with WOL magic packets

  • Hello guys

    I have a WoL capable server with intel pro network cards. When I power off the computer (pfsense) using halt/shutdown -p or -h then I can NOT wake it up anymore from another computer which sends WoL packets!

    I have the same networkcard on another server with another system and it works. The problem i see is that pfsense shuts down the wol or networking support, because the lamps on the networking card are turned off. When i press the start button on the server for 5 secs then the server is off, but the networking cards are still on and WoL is possible.

    Why doesnt that work when i just shutdown pfsense (freebsd generelly i think)? Need help pls.

  • Correction(!): The lamp on the networking card is turned on when freebsd/pfsense turns the server off. but if another system turns off then WoL is possible only the system with pfsense doesnt wake up with WoL. (everything BIOS,… is correctly configured)


  • Other possibility maybe, after reading your German post too (my German is too bad to do a reply in German though):

    Doesn't you BIOS have a Power-On option when you get the power back one the pfSense box?

    Mine has:

    • Always On
    • Power On after Power Fail
    • Off

    Maybe this will help with the practical problem.

  • Yes of course it has. It is "always on". Because if you shutdown correctly it will not power on again if power fails and then comes back… bec the electricity is not fully away cause of the UPS.