• Hi there.

    Using 2.0-BETA5 on 3 port alix board. Before i used 1.2.2. Not upgraded - I have installed a fresh BETA5 and configured.

    So far so good - using a setup like this:
    LAN -
    WAN - 83.x.x.82, gateway 83.x.x.81, PARP .83, .84, .85 .86
    WAN2 81.x.x.14, gateway 81.x.x.1
    WAN2 *don't work :-/

    Using multiwan configuration with failover but no loadbalance.

    Now, the WAN2 is connected via a wireless bridge. The wireless hardware has the IP adresses and .32

    I want to access it from LAN, so i added an IP Alias:

    The disabled rule of course i tried enabled too :)

    I can access the pfsense under the address from LAN. But no connection from LAN to WAN2 subnet 192.168.2.x :-/

    Would you gibe me a tip?

  • you need a rule to allow that traffic without a gateway specified, you're forcing it out to one of your pools/gateways.

  • OK, many thanks, it works now ;-)

    Hope my screenshots would help someone later  8)