Disconnected after 30 seconds

  • i'm using pfsense 1.0.1 with a small network of 2 servers and a bunch of clients. as i have a webserver and an ftp-server both connected to a domainname, i'm using nat reflection to ease the usage of those sites. the problem is when i connect using ssh (as well as irc) to the domainname from within the network it disconnects me after exactly 30 seconds, without fail. connecting directly to the internal ip works fine, no disconnects there.

    i'm clueless as to the cause, what can the problem be?

  • Turn on SSH keep alives in your client.  If your using Putty or SecureCRT it is an option.

  • that didn't do it, still drops after 30 seconds. :/ anything else?

  • sorry for the bump, but is there really noone who has any idea why this could be?

  • Not sure if this helps for this condition but try to enable the static route filtering  option at system>advanced.

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