VLAN BASED PPPOE with multiple public ip [ NEED HELP ]

  • Hi All,

    I having an issue here. My ISP are using VLAN PPPOE which mean vlan tag1 assign ip address, vlan tag500 authenticate via pppoe. My question is how do i set more than 1 public ip for wan interface as my wan interface now is using pppoe or do i leave it alone as long i get my first public ip?

    Current devices for my setup as below;

    vlan capable switch with vlan tag1 & tag500 enable for pfsense wan port.

    Please help and give me some idea. Do i need to use another OPT interface if yes how to do it. Do i need to use Virtual IP if yes please guide me the configuration.

    P/S: if pfsense 2.0 make more easier for above request ?