• hello,

    the registred mac adress of machines are always offline.
    only when i ping the machines from pfsense 2.0 - they changes status to online

    why? is it a bug?

    thanks for help

  • You are talking about the DHCP leases status page, right?

    Can't reproduce this problem on:
    2.0-BETA5 (i386) built on Thu Jan 13 20:30:46 EST 2011

    Machine is offline, i do WoL to machine, changes to online after a few seconds without pinging the machine.

  • yes exact - dhcp leases page :)

    i have pfsense 2.0 beta 5 built on Wed Jan 12 23:13:34 EST 2011

    and i have configured 12 machines - all are offline on status page from woL
    (they are online !!! )

    and when i ping they change status to online
    i not wanted to test, if essetial function wake up functionally ;)
    i want that the machines shows the correct status ;)

    p.s. and when i have ping a machines of twelve..the pc looses dhcp lease and show status off after few minutes :(
    but i have they configured with static ips and in dhcp leases shows me a dhcp pool adress for the machine :( ?
    make i something wrong?
    have they configured to dhcp - not static ips?

    thanks for help

  • DHCP leases file online/offline is done by ARP cache so probably the machine hasn't done anything in a while, and when you ping it, it has an ARP entry again.

    It's not a bug, it's a feature :)

  • ahhh ok thats right! :)

    arp messaging between pfsense and client machine…

    but how can me shows the correct status of machines for wake on lan on status page from pfsense - everytime???

    this are render clients....they have yet nothing to do!
    but after two weeks, i remember not if they are on or off
    and then i want to start they via status page in pfsense WakeonLAN
    but without correct status of machine....its really heavy ;) :(

  • You could ping all the leases before we display the table, although that would slow it down, especially on large pools.

    if you want something quick 'n dirty:

    for i in `seq 1 254`; do ping 10.0.0.$i -c1; done

  • what this ?

    where can i integrate this function?

    i used it on terminal on pfsense without access :(

    i dont check it! :(

    how you can see in wakeonlan status page, inactive clients?
    inactive = power on but nothing to do
    how you differentiate power on (nothing to do for WakeOnLan) and power off cleints (please start me with wakeonlan :))



  • OK,

    In the webinterface, there is no way to see if a client is online, but no doing anything on the network, because it doesn't actively probe for active IP.

    A workaround would be to have a shorter DHCP lease, shorter than your ARP cache timeout (if you use DHCP for the clients). Or have some other data going to keep the ARP table updated.

  • yeah!!! ok!
    thanks SeventhSon !!!

    i am new interessting on wol ;) sorry for that!

    i use static ips for my wol clients, but how can i keep my arp table updated with other data???

    thanks for answer

  • nobody knows…. :)

    how managed by you?

    when you dont know, if machines have nothing to do or they are really power off ;) ???

    how and where can i something modify?

  • You can change the DHCP-lease-time at "Services" - "DHCP-Server". There you have "Default lease time" and "Maximum Lease time". Set one of them to a short time.
    Other resolution is a cron-job which pings all of your machines from time to time. (Not the best method, but will work too)

  • yeah thanks man!
    thanks thanks thanls … thats cool, my clients are online for longer than 5 minutes ;)