[Solved]DNS Forwarder and static host

  • Hi all,

    I've a question about static hosts in DNS Forwarder service.

    Is-it possible to add just hostname without domain in static host (ex : "sql" instead of "sql.domain.local")

    I test without domain and just hostname in host case, but I've an error "The Field 'Domain' is required". Logic might say you ! So, I tested with just hostname in domain case, pfsense accept but client server, in lan, can't resolv when I made nslookup : query refused.

    I want to add it, because it's not possible to say at my development team to change config.php in all websites host on server (over 500 customer website's which point on "sql" and not in "sql.domain.local")

    If you have an idea to do that ?

    Thank you ! :)

  • I solved my problem. I forgot to add first my local domain in domain category on dns forwarder ::)

    Now, it work fine ^^.