Access-Accept format & Error sending request: No valid RADIUS responses received

  • I didn't find any section for programming so I am posting this here.

    I have enabled captive portal in pfSense and all settings are OK, the internet is connected and works with the User Manager. Now I have enabled RADIUS on default port and with no shared secret.

    I made a small program for my small network, it listens to connections on UDP 1812, which works fine, I get the Access-Request packet and use it to get information about the client, but when I send back the Access-Accept packet it get discarded I think.

    I read the following pages to learn the packet format:
    and a few more.

    Access-Accept packet format:
    byte 0    == Code 2
    byte 1    == Identifier (same as Access-Request packet)
    byte 2-3  == Length of this packet (always 20 bytes)
    byte 4-20 == MD5 hash of this packet's first 4 bytes and Access-Request's Authenticator bytes

    20 bytes total.

    pfSense returns: "Error sending request: No valid RADIUS responses received "

  • Incase someone asks why am I doing this and not <something else="">, it is because I am trying something and I finished it, only this last step remains, sending Access-Accept packet.</something>