• Package-manager seems to be completely broken in last snap:

    Packages are mostly existant via GUI, but no one works as expected. Reinstall of the packages fails immediately, every one after some seconds (1-2secs till breaking the updating/installing).
    In fact thats so strange that there are no logs/log-entries, nor anything useful to see at the update/install-page. If i try to reinstall a package 2 or more times, it breaks every time at a new state. So sometimes 1 line of the install is displayed, sometimes 2 or 3 lines, rarely 4-5 lines.

    By that way, there is no action at the system-logs when a package-update occurs, so there is no chance to see if an install/update runs after a system-update. Are packages automagically reinstalled after update? When and how is that done. I've read here that this updates should occur after a system-update, but at the gui it occurred rarely, so i think situation at the console is maybe the same. I don't have a full-time console to my pfSense-box, its located far away from my place. And remote boxes lack the same. So what i suggest is some log-output for installation/reinstallation of packages. Should be a small thing to put that infos which are generated at an installation to a logfile.

    Thanks a lot!

    There should be any info at the system-logs! Please!