• I have purchased a alix system with pfsense.  This is to be conntected to a satalite system, which has strict download allowances per month.
    I wish to set data transfer quotas per user, so we can share the limited allowance between users.  Say grant each IP/Mac address/captive portal user - 1gb per month.  ideally providing email only after reaching this limit.

    After a long a while searching the forums, I cannot come up with a solution.  I can only find qos to limit bandwidth, not total data transfer.

    What options are available to me ?

  • Using Captive portal with a RADIUS server would be the way to go i think.

    Seems like you have a similar situation to:

  • Hi, Thankyou for the response.

    I have installed the freeradius package.. a new panel appears in the webgui.  However it has very few options, and none relating to specifying data limits.. It looks like it's a package to connect to another server of sort ? (supposidly a radius server) - I have not got a radius server - (or have I ? - with the freeradius package installed)

    Are you suggesting I must have another piece of hardware (running a raduis server)
    Or can this all be done within pfsense ?

  • Freeradius appears not to be a working option.


    I don't think anyone got around to finishing FreeRADIUS up to work on ALIX. It needs a fair amount of disk space in /var/ (a ram disk) to write its database and I think as it is it would be lost at reboot even if it did work.

    So it looks like freeradius is not a option. -

    Does anyone have any ideas for a simple solution to provide just a handfull of users a data quota ?  If not pfsene, a similar type app/distro.  Or even a comercial box.