Xl and fxp driver polling support and rx/tx offloading

  • i checked on a search on the forum and someone stated that when polling is enabled i should see it on options =  on ifconfig and i already searched and is sure both fxp and xl drivers support polling on freebsd. i wonder why i cant enable it on my system. and i just wanna ask which is a better nic. the fxp or xl ? i can see in options = that xl drivers does rx offloading. but fxp doesnt. any comments are welcome

  • not all cards that use a driver are the same
    i have 2 network cards that use the xl driver 1 can make use of polling the other 1not

  • hmmm so may i know which version of 3com nic u have that have polling enabled ? i am using 3c905c-tx big chip version not the small bga chip type. may i now which one are u using pls.

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