• I'm trying to do a dual WAN/DHCP balance. I create 3 gropus in system->routing (balance, 1over2, 2over1) balance have set the same tier and the other two when a link fail.

    Create the set of rules in the image, where "Abiertos" alias contains the basic ports for allow access to internet. The balance itself works like we can see in the image.

    But the problem its that when i unplug one of the dsl lines pfsense does not change the default gateway and the users in the lan can not continue browsing internet with DSL1-OFF DSL2-ON

  • I am using LoadBalancing and Failover with just one routing group.

    WAN1 and OPT1 both have Tier1.

    In every firewall rule I have to specify this group as Gateway.
    You do not need to add several groups for failover like you had to do in pfsense 1.2.3.

    The second rule in my screenshot is for Ports which do not allow LoadBalancing. This group I use as gateway in my firewall rules for example SSH, HTTPS, VPN, Remote Desktop. There I use different Tiers so that if both lines are up, all traffic goes over Tier1 and if Tier1 goes down, all traffic goes over Tier5.

  • ok, i create only two groups (Tier 1 Tier 1) (1 3) one for balance and other for unbalanced ports, assigned the gateway "balance" in the rules and works, but if i unplug one of the connections, the group does not change of gateway and all the net goes down. If i manually change the default gateway (in system->routing) then i can continue browsing with the other line.

  • What snapshot are you on?
    That sounds like an old problem which has been fixed.

  • @ermal:

    What snapshot are you on?
    That sounds like an old problem which has been fixed.

    2.0-BETA5 (i386)
    built on Sun Jan 16 21:23:13 EST 2011

  • Please show me your config.
    /tmp/rules.debug before and after the failover and also your system log.

    Also describe the test you do when you have problems.