How can i monitor all the sites that my users is accessing on their computers..?

  • Anyone could teach me how to monitor all the sites that they are opening so that i can blocked it to my pfsense server i need to monitor and check those log files so that they may not know that i will blocked this sites as long as they have opened it and logged it to their computer.

    Please Help

    Thanks a lot

  • Using squid to log all visited sites and then use for example lightsquid to analyze the log files squid created.
    after this you can use squidguard to block these sites.

    I think, this should work. for all these programs you will find packages.

  • Yes - Squid with SquidGuard is the way to go. If you search the forum you'll find a number of threads on the subject.

  • ok thanks a lot ill try to install those packages thanks for the reply guys this would be a big help. ill just keep everyone informed for others to be informed also thanks

  • where can i download the package for lightsquid? i cant find it on the release packages does anyone having a skype account that i can chat too i need some assistance with regards to pfsense?

  • If you want one to one support then you need to pay a consultant.

    Otherwise, what version of pfSense did you install and did you look at the Packages page of the pfSense web interface?

  • yes i have checked it my version of pfsense is 1.2.3 release

  • Full or nano?