Web access seems to be fine but no web GUI, can someone help?

  • I am not sure if this is in the right section but I have just (think I  have setup a working) pf sense system.

    But what I cannot do for some bizzare reason is access my pf sense web gui.

    Now what I have done is setup the router as follows:

    When I was setting up pf sense (as my router of course) I used these credentials:

    My Network address (thats going to be the IP address of the router is not it?), which is on mine

    Then the local subnet is therefore and is the IP whatever lol (cant remember the name for that), buts 24bit anyways.

    Ok so I have my range of DHCP server addresses as: to (which .254 is my switch)

    Is this going to work at all?

    I am just querying what I have done, apart from the gui everything works, just want to be able to setup my DHCP server so I can use my file storage system on a static IP, then use a few other features of the pf sense system.

    Any helps appreciated,

  • What is very weird is I have an old Belkin router (which of course is now behind pfsense and is not a router anymore, pf sense is!).

    The belkin node (going to call it that, was brought sometime back in 2006 as I remember).

    My IP address for it is, which the dhcp service for it is of course turned off completely, hence it being a switch now!

    My PF Sense IP address is (my router PC)

    My range is which I use now.

    But when I try auto finding a network address for my computer, it just show the exclamation mark (due to running windows XP).

    However, when I go back to using my routers IP address as my gateway on XP of course, (which is that of my switch now) it works, whats up with it?

    Can someone help?


    PS this is off a fresh install, please can someone help me, also my connected light on my switch keeps flashing every now and again, grrr!!!

  • It is all sorted now

    I neglected to realise to plug the node that has pf sense into the local LAN port, makes sense as it's the LAN cable from my local network connection from the node running pfSense, so all working now.

    Wonder why it won't work on the WAN port, any suggestions at all?


  • @j.smith1981:

    Wonder why it won't work on the WAN port, any suggestions at all?

    Because it treats that like an Internet connection, won't pass traffic into the LAN.